Boredom can sometimes lead us onto new exciting pathways. Writing started as a way to make use of my free time. I have learnt a lot by writing more often.

Words define us before we can actually define them.

Writing is a great way to express ideas into words. Writing is a tool and is art. We write more than we think we do via mails, text messages and letters we send at work. Words can inspire the world and help people to change their habits. It helps us to communicate to others and most importantly communicate to ourselves

1. Writing generates ideas

Write. Write and write. Got a problem, write it it down. Got a solution, write it down before you forget. The more you write, and empty the ink of your brain cells, the more you will force your mind to self-inspire itself to generate even better ideas. We somehow overlook the empowering effect that writing can have on us. Writing jibberish is a great way to end mind-blocks which writers notoriously fear.

2. Writing is your voice

We almost write in the tone of our souls, the accent of our thoughts and language of our understanding.

We can voice out our feelings, thoughts and emotions through writing, whether you are writing a novel or writing bits in your diary everyday. Writing is a great way to tell what you always wanted to. You the master of your content the way you write is tainted by your own personality. Writing for yourself could be the naked expression of your thoughts.

3. Writing makes you a writer

A writer writes and writing does exactly that to you (or at least you will feel like one). Good or bad, it does not really matter as long as it matters to you. Inking the paper with words daily will definitely make you a writer. The more you will write, the better you will hone your skills and define your language of your voice. Writing is hard work and unless you have “bum-glue” and no distraction around, no writing will be done.

4. Writing is an act of bravery

Never underestimate the power writing can have over your overall self-esteem or confidence. Writing allows you to showcase your beautiful mind to the world. Criticism forms part of writing and being able to learn from others’ constructive criticisms, is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, learn and see new perspectives. Writers often face the fear of rejection and at some point or the other, the fear vanishes because the passion and love of writing and sharing your work takes over.

5. Money

Writing could be a source of income. Whether you could become a professional writer, journalist, or teacher. Want to make a lot of money? Write a best-selling book. I am not so sure about the success of your book but I can guarantee you that the process will transform you. Writing could be a way to make ends meet. Writing in magazines, editing works of others and writing speeches for politicians, you name it and there are more jobs which need some form of direct quality writing.  Definitely you have to work hard for that to happen but it shall happen if you believe in your skills.

6. Writing is Art

I like to believe that writing is the act of trapping thoughts into words. Good writing is a skill which takes time to learn and master. Sophisticated vocabulary coupled with good grammar and flow of ideas defined the discipline of writing as we know it. We read more than we think we do everyday and good writing can inspire us, whether it is on a billboard or in a text message, writing could be used to express and release the deepest feelings and emotions of mankind.

7. Hand-writing is Art

Gone are the days novelist would sit at a table with pen and paper at hand. Our mobile phones and laptops are powerful enough to enable us type anywhere and jot down ideas. I still believe that writing with a pen or pencil is still the best way to express and explain your ideas to yourself. Our personality defines our handwriting and even our handwriting age with wrinkles, only time reveals. Writing with pen or pencil keeps ideas flowing and the process is almost like sketching during the design process. Make it a habit to take time to write neatly as you might never know which ideas shall be useful in the future or might fall into the abyss of “un-read-ability”. Calligraphy is a great tool to enhance your handwriting and no wonder it was seen as art back in the days before the printing press.

8. Writing will leave you reading for more

The more you write about a topic, the more you will have to research the topic. Whether magazine, books or articles on the internet, you will want to read more to understand better, to write the best you can. You will always try to analyse the style of your favorite authors and will want to read anything as long as you can perfect yourself.

9. Writing is a great way to make use of free time

Write in lunch breaks, before going to bed, when you wake up or are bored to death. Kill time by using your weapon of choice, pen or pencil, paired with the ammunition of your words. No there is no good time for writing just like there is no good time for thinking. Sometimes everything happens all at once and sometimes, there are no waves in the ocean of your mind.

10. Writing can inspire

Words hurt, kill but can also inspire. Words could start revolution and end wars. We use words, in written form in newspapers to control masses or liberate masses. That is the power the pen holds. Once in a while, reading a good piece of writing could totally change your perspective in life and brings about new experiences. That is what I believe writing is about. Writers have the duty to elevate the human consciousness onto higher planes and any form of art is good as long as the masses are able to grasp it. It is a tool to liberate our souls. It was never the end. Just a means to the end.

We all have something to tell and something to share. Life is about sharing after all. We are already sharing the planet and writing is a great tool to share thoughts.

Do not be afraid to share your beautiful mind. Start writing, for who knows, the world is still waiting for the next Shakespeare and it might be you.

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Never Give up on your ideas! Tips to keep ideas flowing!

Have you ever have had a thought or an inspiration that made you feel unique , making you feel almost like the chosen one, the one who’s going to save the world? 

What if we do not get inspired but inspirations choose us. The universe is filled up with thoughts, almost like an atmosphere of thoughts. I would like to call this a “thought-Osphere”. In this thought-Osphere, I firmly believe that thoughts have enough consciousness to choose the medium through which they want to be manifested. We are beings of thoughts who are constantly manifesting into this physical realm (Similar to the law of attraction principle). Sometimes I wonder if thoughts’ end is to be manifested into the physical world via a medium (Us or any other manner) in order to generate more thoughts through the act of being manifested. Thoughts are very well alive and potent. Thoughts have the ability to start a revolution and change the world.

The more we work on our inspirations and thoughts, the more our minds get flooded with new inspirations and ideas, just like a well-defined route (Vortex) where constantly ideas keep flowing. The higher frequency thoughts shall now have a direct pathway to our minds. The moment we stop acting on our ideas and manifest the thoughts into our reality, the route (vortex) is blocked and we no more feel the free-flow of ideas.

Creativity is the arduous and never-ending process of perpetually manifesting thoughts and ideas into reality. The thoughts chose us because we are capable and deserve it.

Over the years, and after several failed attempts of manifesting my ideas, I have been able to finally understand this much and here are some pointers and tips on how to keep ideas flowing.

1. Work every day a little on your ideas and inspiration

Spending a little time on your inspirations daily will unblock the vortex, whether we are working on ideas of the past or ideas of today. Use notes and sketches to daily jot down how to make the dream become a reality. Whether it is 5 minutes or several hours, any moment is valuable (The more time the better). In this way, new ideas will be generated and hopefully with enough patience, we can become connected to the thought-Osphere. Sometimes by putting aside our inspirations and dreams for one single day or week, we might be pushing our destinies by months and years.

2. Choose the most potent idea

We must also be choose the idea which shall be easier for us to manifest with our current capabilities and in the less amount of time. Our lifetimes are limited and unless we have the genius and will of Nikola Tesla, we might fall short of manifesting that many ideas into our reality. That idea could be a vision of our lives, a passionate manner we look forward to live our lives or ways to make people’s lives better. Sometimes simple ideas have the most impact in our daily lives. In no way, we should forget about the craziest ideas and as Albert Einstein rightly said: “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” However crazy ideas require insane amount of time, efforts and will.

3. You are a one-man army

Standing by your ideas is a bit like selling ice on the north pole. No one is interested. People are generally interested in objects because objects have a use, while ideas mean nothing. People rarely wish to see life through the lenses of possibilities and people do not wish to see us evolve. The most negative perspectives will often come from the close circle of family and friends. Sometimes we tell the wrong people the great ideas. If the idea is worth it, stand by it no matter what and keep on nurturing it. Keep everything to yourself. Do not be overenthusiastic about sharing ideas with anyone for who knows who might want to profit from them.

4. You are not the owner , but the medium

No one can claim that an idea is his only. The idea comes from the thought-Osphere and in essence is the property of the Universe. In the same way, some ideas will require immense funding while others will require considerably less. Thinking of making exaggerated profits at the expense of simply uplifting the human race will be undeniably unethical. The investment funds, our time and efforts surely must be covered and we must be rewarded monetarily. The share of profits must however be fair.

Ideas are by no means a way to fund our ego-trips, for we do not define ideas but ideas define us.

5. Work on ideas which have the most ability to uplift us as beings, our immediate environment and hopefully the whole human race

Some ideas are more constructive than others and focus should be emphasized on those which can have a direct impact on the uplifting and evolution of the human race in general, whether it is on an individual scale or on a larger scale. Our quality of living can be dramatically enhanced by raising the quality of our thinking. We too often overlook the power thoughts can have in our dense physical reality.

6. Act first, boast later

Unless we are acting upon ideas, we cannot keep bragging about how we are so different in our thinking. No actions taken would be the same as no inspiration received. We should respect and be grateful that the thoughts chose us.

7. Fail until you succeed

Always keep on trying. You cannot fail if you never quit. Success smiles to those who never see the downside of things. If we give up on our ideas and things which trigger passion within, we are giving up on ourselves and thus we give up on our belief system and things which matter most to us. There are no coincidences in life and sometimes our passion can lead us to invisible doors of opportunities we have been waiting for.

8. Elevate your spirit and keep making yourself happy

Always try to make yourself happy. Happiness is hard work and so is creativity. Do not become entrapped in negative thinking patters and  keep on thriving to raise your vibrations so that you can match the higher frequencies of the most beautiful inspirations, still out there waiting for someone to manifest them.

Whether you travel the world, mediate or tuck yourself into the leaves of forests, keep recycling yourself and keep on raising your vibrations, for there is no more noble approach to life than to raise your frequencies to match those of the Universe.

Share your experience with us and let our spirits be elevated!



Maybe the question should be: ” How far can I trust myself ? “. The fact that we cannot trust ourselves as beings, how can we trust other beings? Trust and faith are ingrained in our souls. But we choose not to embrace that aspect of our souls. That aspect which  We trust our beliefs everyday and refrain from putting our trust into the hands of others. We fear the unknown. I wonder if it is because we so trust in the negativity of the world that, we end up seeing only these aspects. Our lives are a projection of the mental image of ourselves and the beliefs we trust so much, are the boards onto which our minds project itself onto. Trusting one’s own strengths is a great way to build self-confidence. The trust into oneself, transcends into multiple forms. Trust is the term defining a phase during the evolution of the love energy or rather positivity as we all know it.

We go to bed with the belief that the next day we shall wake up safe and sound. But should we trust the sanity of our minds? Aren’t the beliefs we are all harboring, the results of the doctrine of the so-called civilized society? We are asked to love without being taught how to trust. We all know the saying that unless we love ourselves, we cannot love someone else whether the love takes any form. The same applies for trust. The universe and us forms a single entity, the more we end up trusting ourselves, the more we end up trusting the Universe. Self-confidence builds up and maybe it is a from of praying, whereby we focus onto ourselves to connect to the outer, which is in fact a single entity, fractioned by the mental illusions imparted into us by society. The more we trust the Universe, the more we end up having belief and faith into our beings. We are more than simple human beings destined to live mediocre lives. We are metaphysical beings, spiritual beings who dwell in the metaphysical world. Maybe that is why we have so many disappointments in life, we are constantly trying to create perfection in the 3-d reality, which has been constructed by our so-called great leaders, while we forget the metaphysical dimension in which we are supposed to be. We are living their illusion. Now it’s time to live our own illusions, to build our own version of a better world, which obviously start with a better us. We have been taught to let go of our dreams to slave for someone’s else vision of betterment. We work towards goals of others, without lending an ear to our heart. Amidst all these, how can we still be able to trust ourselves?

The more we spend time with ourselves, the more we will discover our inner fears and desires. We will definitely then be able to know what works for us. That knowledge bubbles within into conviction which in turn becomes trust. It is pointless to trust the Gods if we cannot trust ourselves. The Gods are already burdened with global warming, over population and what not. Trust is also the ability to let go. Letting go, with the conviction of the knowledge that everything will work out the way we envisioned and imagined them to be. It is not the hope that everything shall be fine or giving up on ourselves. With the ability to trust unconditionally, is born freedom. Freedom from negativity and freedom from the mental cages of this physical reality. Our metaphysical shapes our physical and that’s why our thinking patterns and thoughts are crucial for our happiness and self-development. Nonetheless, trust without actions is as pointless as without the ability to trust itself.

Trusting gives us the power to never give up, and then starts a new world of impossible possibilities.

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[Disclaimer: This article is not an open invitation to have drugs, create an addiction to drugs or glamorize drugs. Drugs are seen broadly and include any form of artificial or synthetic drugs. It also includes alcohol and cigarettes.]

“Have that one puff! C’mon one last drag and a last drink for the road!”– Sounds familiar? Yeah, we all have heard similar lines somewhere. We are a drug-addicted society and frankly speaking, we should not expect our addictions to decrease over the years. Our children suffer from them, families are destroyed because of them and still we cannot live without them.

Drugs have always been there, we have enjoyed them, but at what extent are we ready to go for more drugs? I believe that drugs are simply an excuse to be happy. We all need that excuse to feel ecstasy. We want to feel unbounded happiness everyday and that is the first reason why most of us want to have drugs. Why should not we have drugs? We are stressed in our daily jobs and in our relationships. We are forced to consume and the society keeps hammering us to become a being according to its views.

Drugs change our thought patterns and give us a break. They allow us to settle down and make it easier to handle our thoughts. We start to realize what really matters to us only when we are intoxicated. We want to dance, we want to connect, we talk more, act more easily, fear less and want more of that feeling. That feeling of freedom. That feeling where the world is totally yours. We have been living so much this neurotic life where we have been doing robotic actions over the years and we are fed up of the routine now. We are someone we just do not like and are becoming someone we do not want to become. Drugs allow our minds to shut down and let the inner unconscious aspects of ourselves to surface.

Interestingly enough, I do not believe that drugs are wrong for our mental stimulation and evolution but definitely the abuse of the latter, damages our brains irreversibly. I believe that drugs are a way for us to find out what truly matters to us. It is a method whereby we can witness ourselves. I find it amazing how people think that we change with drugs. On the contrary I believe that people, under drugs become themselves. They let out any form of repressed frustrations without thinking of the consequences. Most of the repressions can result in forms of physical and verbal abuses. All that matters is themselves. They become subject of their lives again. They regain the power over themselves. They let themselves become immersed in their sub-conscious.

I do think that we can use the drugs’ effects on us to further evolve as human beings. To further enrich our states of awareness. Here comes the trickiest part. How to discover yourself while being under drugs? Well for starters, there should not be an overdose of anything, else you will simply be in a state of utter subconsciousness. There should be enough drugs into your system so that you can unlock your inner self, but at the same time, enough to keep your witnessing mind alive.

They key is witnessing and observing. Observing how your thoughts pattern change from your normal conscious states. There are the fears, the body starts having shaking without you being able to control it. There are the needs and desires of things and people (could be your ex). We see forms of frustrations and we channel them through violence. You should always remember that you are not your thoughts, but rather the ultimate observer of your thoughts. Having drugs could be a form of dreaming consciously. We allow the unconscious mind to unravel itself and let it resolve conflicts within ourselves. We should always take note and be careful to work on the conflicts within afterwards, otherwise we will always end up feeling the same way over and over again, when we are intoxicated. Then the act of intoxication itself, becomes a routine and running away from that is even harder.

I believe that drugs helped us to have beautiful realizations as a human race over time and that it all depends on the reasons of being intoxicated. If we are having drugs to run away from the world, the fears we have will keep chasing us back, even in our sub-conscious states at some point or the other.

Drugs help us to connect to our inner selves and are simply an excuse to discover ourselves. We use drugs to connect the unconscious to the conscious states of being and whenever we  feel that the intoxication is over, we want more of that connection, we take more drugs. This cycle keeps repeating forever unless, we work on our repressions in the waking state. This is how addiction is formed. We keep running away and drugs are a way to run even further. Rather than running away, we should learn to face our deepest fears and repressions within. Well in fact what our subconscious mind is saying is that we should find a way to connect the sub-conscious to the conscious more often. The magic of drugs lie in the fact that it already surfaces the negative emotional blocks. Then it becomes so much easier to work on the particular issues.

The addiction will fade only when we are courageous enough to use drugs as a means to understand ourselves. Then we work in our daily lives to improve and better ourselves as humans.

Then something else happens, we have drugs because we love drugs. We will very shortly realize that we tend to become the same person, even after intoxication. We become sincere to our desires and we work more on our fears in our waking state. The more you connect to yourself, the more the need for drugs change. The desire to run away, simply fades out. The more we understand our sub-conscious mind, the more we are connected to ourselves and the less we need forms of intoxication.

Drugs are beautiful as a means to understand yourself and are devastating as a means to run away from yourself. Use drugs as a way home, not as way to run away from it.


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I S O L A T I O N . . . ? ? ?

Arctic ice : North Pole Webcam picture showing ice cap melting

As mere individuals, we are small and autonomous societies on our own. We have our beliefs, our thinking patterns, our ways of dealing with things and abilities to work independently.Depending on people, some find it easier to work on their own, while others struggle. We are ambitious, want to aim for the best in our lives and think we work better on our own. We believe we are a  one-man army. We believe people will pull us down if we tell them what we really want.

We believe we were born out of competition. We believe that we fought to get to live this life on Earth. We believe that we were faster than those so many sperms. Maybe we were or maybe they helped us by losing that race.

We devised so many ways over these years to isolate ourselves from the other. We were fooled by the media. Technology did help us in so many ways but ultimately made us feel disconnected from the other. We never log out from the internet but logged out from our lives. We are so into the acts of buying and consuming that we forgot that maybe to some extents we live to create bonds. Bonds with the other. Definitely some websites are a great way to socialize and keep relationships alive. But let us be honest, do we actually have those great conversations with friends or do we limit our feelings and thoughts behind a screen. We hide our insecurities behind a profile picture and feel so much comfortable to say whatever we want, simply because a lot of us, are afraid to say the same things in public. Sometimes, I wonder whether we are or will us be still able to have those one on one conversations with people or are we slowly giving up the ability to do so?

We are now facing more and more hypocrisy in our society or rather a form of “Diplomatic Hypocrisy”, whereby we hide our true feelings and thoughts from the other. We do not want to be tagged as the bad one. We rather want to be fake at the extent of losing ourselves. We want to be the “perfect one”  to the eyes of the other. We want to showcase a beautiful and happy life on the web, but are we truly satisfied with our existence? That is the ultimate question we keep asking.

The isolation takes several forms. Segregation at the office or schools, even fashion wear is a form of segregation. We tag others depending on what they wear and maybe our smart phones, are not making us that smart? We are always online, always trying to do something so that we do not face ourselves. Trying to cover our fears with something else. We keep ourselves busy so that we can keep evading ourselves and evading to connect with the other. We sometimes forget that the more we connect with people, the more we connect with ourselves, for we get to understand ourselves better. We start to realize how people make us feel, we realize how people can change our perceptions. We realize how our thoughts are valued to others and what we can learn from people’s experiences.

We fear to be lonely. It hurts to be lonely. There is only yourself in that moment. But how far will you run away. At some point or the other we shall confront ourselves and hopefully, that day will not be our last days on our death beds. Now there is the act of being alone. You want some time to read a book, some time to meditate or exercise. This is a form of “constructive isolation”. Being alone and lonely are poles apart. Being alone is rather an act of courage as you are ready to face yourself. On the other hand, being lonely is an act of helplessness. We do not choose to lonely but we choose to be alone.

Over time we are drifting away from each other. We are being forced to believe that doing nothing is wrong. Doing nothing is bad for you. We are forced to believe that we should follow trends and watch movies and series, otherwise it would be difficult to fit in. That is what technology is really used for: CONSTANT BRAINWASHING! We are so bombarded with so much things happening online that we forget that we have got lives of our own. We deprive ourselves of sleep to stay online. Staying online does not create any real bonds in itself. It is definitely a way to build relationships and we think we have thousands of “virtual” friends. But when you really need someone, can you openly talk to that virtual friend? Guess you already know the answer.

The technology helps us build relationships, but at the same time the same technology forces us to befriend “images” of people. We befriend whatever the good image someone has to offer, and needless to say that the hypocrisy just comes along free. The more we talk to the people and the more the images fall, the more we lose trust in the other. We believe we are the only ones true on this Earth. Maybe the medium we are using does not really help us. Maybe what we need are real people. People who can read your eyes and understand your feelings. People who actually care about how you are doing and people you care about.

My point being, let us spend more time in building something more tangible rather than building relationships on a platform that breaks down if the power supply fails. We can obviously keep in touch via the internet but let us be careful not to make that platform our only way of communication. Meet people, talk to people, hold their hands, feel them, catch their lies, read their eyes rather than talking to a screen all the time.

Share your life with people rather than sharing the image of your life on the internet!



[Disclaimer: this is not an attempt to generalize or to offend people’s cultures and lifestyles. It is rather an attempt to share my thoughts regarding the topic.]

We all love that sizzling burger, those beautiful golden fries, and a gulp of soda to finish up the job…Fast food chains take multiple forms. They could be burgers, food available in food courts or any other forms you might know of. We no more have decent time to actually prepare something worth it. We end up taking our hunger in the fast-food chains and let them treat us with whatever they got. Agreed that on too many occasions we have nearly no time and are always in a hurry. In the rush to make more money, in the rush to grow up, in the rush of being served food very fast and maybe in the rush to die early. Unfortunately, we do not have time or the space required to cultivate our own food, free of chemical additives.


We all definitely heard of that saying. The saying that obviously did not change much our eating habits. Do we eat whatever we want or  should we eat whatever the body wants us to eat? Definitely we do not have time to listen to our bodily needs! Fu(k that! We are entities of ego and it always ends up being an ego battle between us and our inner selves. Most of the time we win. But fighting yourself and letting the ego win, is another way to let your inner self lose. Maybe our inner selves were her long before we actually were born. Maybe that is why our inner selves know better than us. It is a known fact, the more stressed and the more sleep deprived we are, the more we are attracted to fatty foods. Thus we are more attracted to fast foods. Sometimes I wonder if this is not very well thought-out plan by the capitalists leaders ruling our societies?[No conspiracy theory implied here] Our body changes as we eat BETTER foods. Foods that elevate our minds, food that heal the body and food full of nutrients and vitamins. Our brain need so much and we get so little from fast food chains.


Ever wondered how long the chain is before the food reach a table at a fast food chain? Very Very lengthy process!!! It all starts with the vegetables/fruits being grown some far away place, meat being produced somewhere else, then comes the transportation, afterwards, there is the precooking process in some exclusive plants, then again there is the transportation of the semi cooked foods and finally there is the re heating/ in house preparation of the final meal. Damn, that must be kilometres of travelling. Now there are the thousands of work who work behind the scene. They all team up to satisfy your hunger. The problem lies in the way the system was set up. The principles motivating the system is money and profits. They simply intend to make more, mass produce more so that they can earn more. They use sophisticated systems of advertising and endorsements.

More profit sometimes could also mean less more the workers and more for the company. From there itself the the chain of frustrations start. From the planter, passing by the butcher to the waiter at the fast food chain, they are all frustrated at some point of the other in their lives. Some people are more depressed and frustrated than others and depending on that particular level, we take in subtle amount of frustrations in our daily meals. I believe that even the poultry and meat that we have been ingesting, were depressed and frustrated animals, while they were still alive. There is a great chance that these animals were not free, were not properly fed, and the most important part is that they most probably butchered with violence. The violence of the butchers could be frustrations from their daily lives. They could be forms of sexual repressions, unfulfilled desires and the list could be very long. On any level, of that chain people are working out of frustrations, they could be underpaid or they could have other matters that they still need to work on in their current lifestyles.


Let us be honest, we do not have that great service. That personal touch we yearn for deep down. We all want to be cared for, but I truly believe that fast food chains do not provide that uplifting to our beings. Very rarely I do meet that welcoming waiter, ready to take your orders enthusiastically and keen to provide you with better service. Guess I do understand their plights though. They are always working tight shifts, do not have enough time for themselves and their families and on top of that they are underpaid. We get the same idea as stated above. We are serviced out of frustrations. Our meals end up being served with “cold service”. We have been wrongly bombarded with false advertising, that every time we see the ads, we buy the idea that this time it is going to get better, but rarely does. The advertisement creates expectations within us and the expectations rarely exceed the reality and we become frustrated out of it.


We want to have delicious foods. We love food and some people maybe live simply to be able to eat. Ironically, maybe that desire to have those delicious foods is an attempt of our taste bud to remind us that they do exist as well. Maybe it is the taste buds’ ego to exist. We get back again to the idea of expectation and reality check. We have been deceived to think that fast food chains provide us with better tasting foods. Some times I think that they just do not provide us with enough variety. They all taste the same after all, because they all use the same low quality, cheap products, enough to keep the business running and earn profits.

We end being again frustrated because we are always searching that delicious meal, satisfy our hunger and thirst for perfection. We finally simple, eat more not because we are hungry, rather because we are looking for a better tasting food, served with better service. We are in the search for better, but our time and budget does not allow our quest to be fulfilled.


Sometimes I wonder if fats are produced in our body only to allow our body to take in more frustrations. When we are more frustrated, we are more stressed and there are great chances that our bodies produce more cortisone to help us deal with ourselves. I do think that fats, actually keep all the toxins in our bodies. Frustration is a form of a mental toxin, with physical consequences, we are not much aware of. After all, we become, what we think.


I do not believe that there are fast food chains that actually can keep us from being frustrated. But what I do believe, is that you do not need fancy, high class restaurants to have a great meal. Just take more time and be more conscious of your meals and how they are prepared next time. Sometimes, the proximity of these types of restaurants, is rather welcoming. You could have a meal in the middle of the night but still if we got no other alternatives, as long as  we understand these underlying principles of our frustrations, guess we’ll be happier when we go to a fast food chain, as we would expect so much less from them.


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Have you ever missed someone?

Well obviously we all know the answer. The answer is YESS!

Whether your girlfriend, spouse, your parents, relatives or friends, at some point we do miss the people who surrounded us or helped to form our current state of beings. We as individuals, need the support of the other to constantly grow and bloom. Its just like the seed, which needs the earth, water and sunshine to grow. In order to understand people, we need to be around people. Guess that is why they say that the human being is a social animal. To what extent that is true is rather debatable, I believe.

Missing someone goes into a deeper level. We could miss anything about someone. Rather interestingly, death is the hardest way to lose someone forever. Death is the harsh reminder that the “illusion” of life will end someday or the other. People die everyday and they leave only memories of their existence in people’s minds. They leave traces of happiness, anger, bitterness, stress, pride and the list just goes on and on. The recalling of memories of someone imprinted in our minds, make us miss the latter.

Funnily enough, we miss more ourselves that the particular person. We miss the state in which we would have felt in their presence of the person being missed. Whether it is happiness or joyous moments, we miss those moments. The moments of sharing. The moments of feeling alive and the moments someone really cared about our existence. I wonder if we miss someone out of ego sometimes? The ego of feeling alive! The ego of existing. Maybe we do miss people on several occasions out of love, but I believe that the “act of missing someone” takes another form.

Maybe we miss people because we fear to be lonely. We fear we die alone. We fear that we might die without sharing anything. We fear that we die without any connection. We actually miss the idea of connection, most probably. The bond that was created between you and that particular person. Maybe we simply miss the bond inside ourselves. Maybe the person is again an excuse to connect with ourselves. Maybe it is nature’s way to make us realize within ourselves what matters to us. Sometimes I wonder if aspects we miss about someone are actually aspects we should work on more often in our lives. Whether it is having more fun, having open-minded conversations or simply showering ourselves with our own love.

Maybe some times we miss the dead because, we are sad and we regret. We regret of not being there fully. We regret the idea of not having spent enough time with them or cared to further strengthen that bond. Maybe we miss the possibilities of amazing experiences we might have had with that person. Maybe we regret as well and miss a person because deep down we know that we were not fully conscious in the presence, while they were still around. Sometimes that feeling of missing someone, is actually a reminder of how much we ought to value people more, how much we should spend more time with people you love.

I guess that is why we should focus on being more conscious around the people who make a difference in your life, around the people whom you cherish. We should make the most of the little time we have as mere mortals so that later the moments spent together is simply a reminder of happiness, a reminder that the moments could not have been better or rather we are satisfied and content that we give it the best shot we could. We should create memories of happiness with people whenever we can, for our minds become happy whenever we miss someone or a moment, which happened in the past.

We should also remember that if we are missing someone who is still alive, take actions to remedy the situation. It is not a matter of Ego, rather about yourself. Do not expect someone to miss you because you are missing them. Rather be grateful that you are fortunate enough to have met someone who created an invitation to bond your inner self to your outer self.

We should be careful to make the most of our time, for there is no time for any more regrets. There should be only happiness. Nothing else matters otherwise.

[Photo Credit: http://www.google.mu/imgres?imgurl=https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5129/5367318354_2f62f99f72_z.jpg&imgrefurl=https://www.flickr.com/photos/zeonz/5367318354/&h=427&w=640&tbnid=x6dx4BcaKtuKhM:&zoom=1&docid=wzGoBvUxNaCqpM&ei=Uob1VIezHMWrU6yvgqgD&tbm=isch&ved=0CHgQMyg-MD4 with a touch by Le Sup]